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Online Casino News  
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South African Casino News

Poker a game of skill according to Judge

A landmark case has been heard in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Judge Thomas James Junior ruled that poker is a game of skill and this ruling could set a precedent for the way that the game is seen by the American legal system.
The case was brought before the judge when the weekly games of Poker that Walter Watkins and his partner Diane Dent held win their home turned sour. The couple did not take a house rake from the games but they did encourage players to tip the dealer. They were arrested and charged with over twenty counts of illegal gambling.

A spokesperson from the online pro-Poker group, the Poker Players Alliance, said of the ruling, “The judge clearly has an understanding of how Poker is played and this decision has set an excellent bar for us going forward.”
The case has set a precedent for many ongoing online Poker trials in the US, where the premise is that all Poker games are considered as gambling. The latest round of legislature, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act may also be affected by this ruling.

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