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Guide to Rand Online Gambling Casinos

Gambling has been with us for very long. Rand Online Gambling Casinos are a relatively new phenomenon and one that seems to be growing in popularity on a yearly basis. The truth is that the online casino business is big money. Games played for money have found their way into any permitting city across the globe. The heart of this has of course always tended to be Las Vegas and in South Africa previously Sun City, but now a new strain of gambling is developing and they are known as online gambling casinos.

A casino, whether online or land based has to be located somewhere. Land based casinos are generally encouraged and accepted by governments because of the secondary industries and that the tax revenue they generate. A city with a big casino is able to enjoy a service of industries, including hotels and restaurants, all of which grow and flourish because of the gambler who is lured by the gambling.Online Gambling Casinos immediately remove these benefits. The customer or player does not need a resturant or to watch a show when gambling online. However the casino they are gambling with is unlikely to be based in a city close by. Many of the online casinos today are licensed in the Curacao.

The governments in the Caribbean have been to be far more receptive to the online casino that chooses to set up base in these idyllic islands. The Caribbean is more at ease about the gambling and the borderless nature of the internet means that the player is able to gamble from wherever they are based. This has of course created problems for the bureaucrats in certain governments. If a player and or a citizen of a State where gambling is illegal, chooses to play a game online from their State with a casino based in the Caribbean or in Europe, are they breaking the law? And if they are, who is responsible, the player or the casino online?

So what are the benefits of online gambling ? For a start there is time. A player is able to have the possibility of taking their time before making important play decisions. Entering a blackjack room on an online casino is very different than approaching a blackjack table on a land based casino. The speed and pressure can be high when playing in a big fast paced casino. Important decisions are made quickly and on the spot. Home based , the player is able to slow down and play only when they are in a position to place a bet. Most casinos online will also offer gamblers the opportunity to play with free money. This means that for those who are not yet familiar with the rules, there is a chance to practise at no cost and at your own time. This way, you only have to enter the game when you feel more comfortable and that you know what you are doing.

The problem with online gambling is that it is far harder to control. The online gambling casino industry is an industry that has to protect itself from the dangers of compulsive gamblers. Criticism is frequently hurled at gambling companies over their facilitating of uncontrolled gambling and encouragement of gamblers. A land-based casino is able to deal with this if necessary. Drunk or underage and generally players who seem to be on a bad losing streak can be prevented from gambling in a casino that is land based.

In the virtual world, this is a lot harder to control. A player is able to sit in their own dining room, in whatever country they choose to be in and at whatever age and gamble as much as they feel. Social and religious groups have expressed concerns that a player is able to play a game of blackjack at the switch of a button any time of the day or night and bet money the outcome. The problem is accessibility. Where as with a land based casino, gambling involves going out and making an effort under the supervision of either friends, or if alone, the careful eye of the casino staff. With online gambling casinos, it becomes so much easier to gamble and place bets from home that there is concern that previously casual gamblers may frequent the online casinos more and more and possibly become compulsive gamblers. Caution seems to be the main element. This applies to online gambling casinos and land based casinos. Both have their dangers and hazards, both can be rewarding and pleasurable at the same time.