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  Online Roulette   
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Online Roulette-information-Play Roulette Online

Online Roulette is the basic web derivitive of the classic American and European Roulette games. The rules and play are exactly the same with the Vegas odds element on most reputable casino software.

Roulette is one of the most popular table games in casinos both on and offline. It consists of a wheel that is placed on the end of a table. The wheel has 0 36 numbered black and red slots, American style Roulette also has a 00 pocket - European Roulette doesn't. On the same table is a grid representing the numbers and colours of the wheel on the table.

Playing Online Roulette - The roulette numbers on layout are arranged in a organized, numerical way. The numbers 1 through 36 are divided into 3 columns in a number arranged order. On the far left, the right of the dealer, closest to the roulette wheel, are the numbers 0 and 00, followed by the 3 rows of 36 numbers, 12 to a row. Each number is coloured red or black, correlating to its colour on the wheel. Directly below the three columns is the first dozen [1 - 12], second twelve [13 through 24] and third dozen [25 through 36]. Below that and closest to the online casino players, is the betting area for the low (1 to 18) and high numbers (19 to 36), even and odd, and red and black. The numbers 0 and 00, often referred to as "house numbers", are green. The inside bets in roulette consist of making bets on the 0, 00; 136 , or any combinations of these numbers within the inside of the layout. The outside bets include the three columns; high/low, even/odd, and red/black wagers.

The Objective of Online Roulette: The objective is to get the correct number, or color that the roller ball will end up in. Placed Bets can be on even or odd or different number ranges. An online player is able to increase the probability by placing bets on different portions. The better the odds the lower the winnings.

Background to Roulette

Roulette is means "small wheel" in French. The history of Roulette leaves quite a bit of guessing but one thing is for sure, Roulette is the oldest casino game around.

There are stories of ancient Romans that tilted their chariots so they could play it with the wheels. Other sources say it was Dominican Monks who barted with the Chinese that introduced Roulette to Europe. It is believed by some that the mathematician Blaise Pascal, who mastered the mathematical field of probability, invented the device in 1657 during an experiment.

What we do know for a fact is that in 1720 a game called roly-poly was invented. This game had a horizontal wheel with black and white pockets that also had black and white so called Bar pockets on which the players lost their wager, gave the house a HUGE mathematical edge on players. This game was banned in 1741 and 1743 together with other games of chance by the new Gambling orders which were passed in England. Beau Nash then invented a game to escape these laws with [Even Odd] but that was outlawed in 1745. From 1745 to the late 1800's the game started evolving to the Roulette we know today and Play Online. The Roulette wheel with the numbered pockets 0, 00 and 1 36 was seen for the first time in Paris casinos in 1796 hence American and French Roulette differences

French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc invented the single 0 Roulette game in 1842 and changed history by reducing the house edge to 2,7 % as appossed to 5.26% previously.

Roulette was introduced to the US in the 1800's and became popular in the Old West during the California Gold Rush.

Remember that at most web based casinos Online Roulette does not count towards wagering on bonuses.