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  Progressive Online Slots  
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Progressive Online Slots

Every person that has visited a casino can remember walking past the Progressive Slots . There is usually a bright digital screen with a tally. This is where the attraction and fantasy sets in for the casual gambler. Imagine hitting the Progressive Jackpot? This normally would be a lifechanging event as the Jackpots of Progressives are usually very high, often over R1,000,000. This usually would put you in the big league for the rest of your life.

The chances of hitting the progressive jackpot is small by comparison but still worth the chance. Some are better than others. Most online casino software developers like Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming, have combined all their operators and created progressive games across all the casinos. There have been several online progressive jackpot winners. This defines Progressives as a group of many online slots games linked to a network. The big Jackpot is made of a percentage of deposits from all money deposited into the game.

Playtech has progressives online slot games named Fruit Mania , Sunny Progressive, Gold Rally, Diamond Valley and more. One can find a total list of all their progressives at



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Microgaming also has a fantastic Progressive Slots network. The main Jackpot is Major Millions and this has made many a millionaire. Its the dream of every casual or seasoned gambler to win this progressive jackpot.

You can try your hand at the big progressive games and hope that lady luck will be on your side but donít make it the prime focus of your online slot play. Rather set aside a certain percentage of your game play money and use that for a try at the big progressive. Winning a Progressive is simply luck and is the same chance as you winning the lottery. Do not spend all your money chasing a dream. Most importantly remember, playing slots is entertainment. Have Fun!